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Fahan Barn Relocation

About the Project:

Fahan Barn Relocation

Fahan School is an independent day boarding school, catering for students from Kindergarten to year 12. The 6.2 hectare campus is situated in the leafy suburb of Sandy Bay.

This project was to relocate a Heritage Listed Barn to a new location overlooking the main oval. The school Capital Master Plan identified the existing Barn site as a key space for future development and its heritage value had been compromised by incremental development of the school over time. The Barn is a remnant of the original farm. The heritage value of the Barn is that it is one of the few remaining early farm structures that predate the suburban development that has swallowed the rolling fields. The brief was to ‘lift’ the barn to a new site rather than demolition.

The Barn was craned to its new site in multiple lifts and has been placed back into the natural landscape. The exterior is maintained in its original condition with minor modifications and the interior will accommodate a new multipurpose learning space.  

Full video:https://vimeo.com/202320229